Erik Carlson Tessier BikesWelcome to Tessier Custom Bikes! Your ride begins here.

Today’s professional cyclists are in search for the perfect ride. It is tough to do this when you select a mediocre yet pricey off the shelf, mass produced as they are. The success of the ride relies chiefly on the engineering of the frame. Jeff builds absolutely top shelf bikes and builds them to your specs, with the custom options you want.

When Jeff takes on a new client, he will spend up to three months dedicating many hours into creating a one of a kind masterpiece. He starts by getting  the client’s fit. Jeff recommends his clients get fitted by a bike shop or someone who specializes in it. Next, building a custom CAD design for the client to preview before production.

Jeff then uses the CAD generated prints to build the client’s custom bike out of steel or titanium or stainless steel.  Jeff has shipped his bikes throughout the world, so wherever you are you can enjoy the Tessier custom experience. You have many custom options, including polished ti or sst, natural finish, fully custom paint job and more. Your new custom bike will come with the perfect look for you, as your bike becomes an extension of your body when you are riding it.

If you would like to know more about the Tessier elite club of owners, please contact Jeff today for a free consultation.

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